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Welcome to Healthy child, happy family!

This is a space where I want to share my knowledge and experience of child health to help families navigate the enormous amount of information out there.

I started this blog because I see families asking social media for help and advice on where to take their children for diagnosis and treatment of various illnesses or behaviours. As a children’s nurse with over 20 years experience across 3 countries, I wanted to provide a place that parents could come to find research-based health information as well as access names and contact details for specialists in all areas treating children’s health.

My life as a Mum to one gorgeous, funny Little Master has given me a new perspective on the stress that a parent feels when they know there is something wrong but don’t know where to get help.

With so much to share, I would love to connect with anyone who wants to learn more about child health and the research that is being done to better the health of our children.

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  1. Pip

    Awesome idea Deb looking forward to reading your posts! Xx


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